The Awards procedure

sexual freedom award trophy

The judging procedure

The Judges meet regularly to make selection decisions.

During the course of these meetings, the Judges move through the following process:

  • Reviewing the aims and achievements of the Awards
  • Choosing the categories, based on their relevance to developments in the field, keeping to as few as possible.
  • Inviting specialists and members of the public to make nominations
  • Considering and researching all the nominations to whittle down the number of nominees to a maximum of 40
  • Selecting the finalists in each category
  • Selecting the winners - apart from those in the performance categories, who are selected on the night of the Ceremony on the basis of their performance.

The nominations procedure

Once someone has been nominated, they will receive a standard email asking them whether or not they accept the nomination and, if so, inviting them to submit information about their work for the judges to consider. Those who say they will only accept their nomination if they are guaranteed to win are discounted.

Once the judges have chosen the finalists in each category, those who did not make it to the final are informed via email. Those who have been selected as finalists are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony for free. Friends who wish to attend the Ceremony must pay the full ticket price. The only exception to this are finalists in the Striptease categories, who are entitled bring a friend to the Ceremony for free to help them dress.

The winner in each category is not announced until the night of the Ceremony. Only in very exceptional circumstances are winners told in advance if they have won (for example, if they live in another country and would need to pay for an expensive flight to attend).

To make a nomination, click here.